Debate, Discuss, Decide


Why attend our OTC Action Workshops?

Our round-table meetings provide an excellent opportunity to spend a day discussing new ideas and prevalent industry concerns with experts in the field. Our workshops are held across the world, where we offer seminars on a range of pertinent topics affecting the pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare industries. Each of these interactive events encourage participation and brainstorming, bringing new and challenging thinking to the forefront.

See the list below for an idea of the kind of topics that have been covered in the past:

• Children's OTCs

• The Emerging Markets

• Mobile Health

• Lifestyle OTCs

• Pharmacy Point-of-Care

• Rx-to-OTC Switch

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In-House Program

We also offer bespoke, customised Action Workshops that include a full forensic examination of current and future business plans, expansion programs, marketing strategies and financial modelling. These interactive and informative workshops are moderated by Nicholas Hall and have been used by more than 50 companies across the OTC spectrum to great effect.

To find out more about the opportunities an in-house Action Workshop can have for your company please contact us.


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