Nicholas Hall's INSIGHT European Creative Award 2009

Date: 01/04/2009

Delegates to the Nicholas Hall’s INSIGHT 20th conference applauded J&J’s Birgit Schuhbauer as she stepped up to the podium three times to receive the prizes on behalf of her colleagues in the USA and UK. The previous day, delegates had voted on a shortlist of 13 entries for the Nicholas Hall’s Insight Creative Award.

Introducing the contenders, judge Colin Borg said “this year’s entries display real engagement with the audience – involving the consumer, informing his or her choice. The best OTC marketing is no longer playing catch-up with other consumer marketing. It’s grown up, and treats its consumers like grown-ups.”

The entries varied from the direct, no-nonsense approach of Sopharma’s Tabex NRT in Bulgaria (“Every year, 650,000 people in Europe stop smoking. Because they die.”), through the entertaining Berocca VMS street dancers in the UK to the almost slapstick humour of Sweden’s Zonnic Mundspray (haven’t we all wished that irritating fellow passengers could be removed at the press of a button?).

But the clear overall winner was McNeil / J&J’s Nicorette Inhalator in the UK, with a witty commercial that nicely captured the frustrations of an ex-smoker with nothing between his fingers.