The OTC.Newsflash Worldwide Marketing Award 2009

Date: 29/04/2009

The four shortlisted entries were Nicorette Inhalator (UK), Zyrtec anti-allergy (USA) and Tylenol analgesic (USA) from J&J, plus Tabex from Sopharma. In an unusual move, the judges gave the award to J&J for outstanding marketing excellence across all three brands, with Tabex a worthy runner-up.

The judges highlighted the runaway success of Zyrtec, which in less than a year had successfully challenged the existing brand leader with a hard-hitting marketing campaign, but commented that the subtle repositioning of the Tylenol range may well make the greater overall contribution to J&J. And the contribution of the Inhalator to the Nicorette brand in the UK (both in terms of OTC and Rx sales) was undeniable. A delighted Birgit Schuhbauer accepted the premier award and praised the professionalism and commitment of the J&J teams across the world.

CEO Nicholas Hall, who presented the Awards, described the conference as “outstanding, probably our best ever”.