The OTC.Newsflash Worldwide Marketing Award 2010

Date: 20/04/2010

This is an innovative programme that provides a self-serve computer diagnosis of problems with shoe fitting, linked to the availability of 14 unique products to customise shoe-fit to individual consumers.

Special in-store kiosks featuring an interactive measurement system, consumer interface, high-end packaging and compelling graphics won over sceptical retailers who had never seen a proposition like this before. Strictly speaking neither an OTC nor a medical device, Custom-Fit Orthotics clearly demonstrates how new thinking can capitalise on the opportunities for OTC in advisory initiatives at the pharmacy point of care.

MSD’s Muhittin Bilgutay receives the Worldwide Award Runner-up for the Award was Novartis with the PPI switch Prevacid 24HR, again in the USA. The judges described it as “a flawless switch”, not least because it achieved a commanding in-store presence across all channels and 90,000 retail locations, with 125,000 displays within 72 hours of launch.

Dr Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotics