The OTC.Newsflash Worldwide Marketing Award 2011

Date: 20/04/2011

Twelve brands were finalists in the contest for the Worldwide Marketing Award. All displayed the new thinking that was the hallmark theme of the Conference, most were from multinational marketers, and the geographic spread covered nine countries.

In third place was Nicorette from Johnson & Johnson in Canada. The judges were impressed by the confident and intelligent use of new media with “webisodes”, and praised the inventive (and very memorable) ”smober up” theme. Novartis took second slot with Prevacid 24HR in the United States: a strong campaign idea made even stronger by effectively simple production techniques.

But it was Nycomed which landed a first Worldwide Marketing Award for Brazil. The multi-media campaign provides a textbook example in the integration of diverse media, the key “smile” graphic is delightful in its simplicity, and the promotion of a popular nickname for the brand, “Neosa”, adds a clever and engaging touch.

Nycomed’s Karina Larsen, Global Head of OTC, and Lais Rosin, OTC Marketing Director, Brazil, and the team accepted their well-deserved trophy from Nicholas Hall.