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DB6 Global OTC Database

Our database, dedicated to over-the-counter medicine sales, includes over 120,000 pieces of data. With 20,000 records covering 9,000 brands and 2,000 companies across 64 countries, DB6 provides market intelligence, analysis and insight from across the consumer healthcare industry. DB6 data is compiled from a range of sources in order to provide the most meaningful and comprehensive coverage of the global OTC market over the last 5 years:  


  • Audit data from a range of local and global suppliers, including Nielsen
  • Manufacturer interviews
  • Published data
  • Industry validations
  • Nicholas Hall Network Partners
  • Knowledge and insights provided by Nicholas Hall, Chairman & CEO


Fully customisable, our database can simulate the merger of two companies with figures available in five different currencies at both fixed and variable rates.

Two of the unique features of our DB6 Database are the quarterly Market Movers update we produce, detailing the most dynamic OTC brands in the top countries. Additionally, we cover volume sales for selected countries, provided as an absolute number of packs sold.

You can tailor your request to include global, regional or specific country data for any of the major pharmaceutical companies, such as: “Merck sales in Germany”, or “Bayer's market share in South East Asia”. DB6 also shows brand level data, for example: “Anadin growth in Europe” or “Advil sales in the US”.

For a free demonstration of how DB6 can boost your business, please contact Kayleigh Griffin-Hooper.

DB6 covers all areas of the consumer healthcare market including figures at a sub-category and major category level.

    • Analgesics

        eg: Painkillers - in the form of systemic, topical and oral analgesics.

    • Cough, Cold and Allergy

        eg: Cough Remedies

    • Gastrointestinals

        eg: Laxatives, Antacids

    • Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

        eg: Vitamin C, Probiotics

    • Dermatologicals

        eg: Antifungals, Acne Remedies

    • Lifestyle OTCs

        eg: Smoking Control, Eye Care

All our data is available on either an ad-hoc or subscription basis, please contact Celine Waller to discuss your needs or download our brochure to find out more.

Our database is currently used by 10 of the leading global OTC marketers. DB6 is a proven strategic management tool that is easy to use; which provides not only an understanding of market trends, but also identifies the fastest growing categories and benchmarks competitors to help you prioritise countries and regions for better planning of future investments.

Our team is on hand to provide assistance in market analysis and strategic insights. 

If you are a subscriber please click here to go to the DB6 Global OTC Database Website.