OTC Action Workshop in Turkey: Paving the Silk Road to OTC

Date: 13/05/2014

Here at Nicholas Hall & Company we are very optimistic that new regulations will be introduced in Turkey, creating a true OTC market for the first time. Indeed, we’ve been working with AIFD and a number of leading laboratories to lobby the Ministry of Health. That is why we believe OTC sales in Turkey have the potential to grow by 6% a year in the next five years -- even though the majority of “OTC” brands are technically Rx at the moment.

Turkey is indeed an important market and that is why we are pleased to bring our latest OTC Action Workshop to Istanbul, designed to help companies thrive locally as well as globally. We are inviting consumer healthcare marketers, business development planners and OTC executives to join us on the 13th May 2014 for a dynamic day of brainstorming and learning.

Nicholas Hall and Tulay Izbul will review the global OTC environment and provide valuable expert advice on future trends, identify key watchouts, and show how best to implement success strategies. During this OTC Action Workshop, delegates will be encouraged to contribute and share opinions with peers to gain maximum benefit from the event, with the opportunity to network throughout the day.

Join us and gain expert advice on building profitable OTC brands! We look forward to welcoming you in Istanbul.

• Global & Local Trends
• Distribution
• Pharmacy Point-of-Care
• The OTC Marketing Mix
• Discussion & Close

Please download the brochure for full details. 

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