Executive Coaching: People and Brands

Date: 26/02/2014

This event led by Anand helps executives to focus on developing people. As an experienced management coach, Anand is passionate about helping companies build strong executive teams using his leadership and behavioural change coaching workshops.

The Coaching Sessions:

• How to convert conflict into innovation and business growth while having fun using cultural, national, corporate and professional differences

- Generate three actionable innovative ideas
- Learn how to increase your team’s performance while having fun

• How to plan for success - Anyone can do it!
- How to review and create models of success for use in any situation 
- Learn how to access models of excellence when you need them in both personal and professional situations.

• Unstick yourself and get there!

- Forever be in a resourceful state of mind
- Harness yours and others’ best thinking!

Event Dates: 26th February 2014

Full Price £1,190.00 Clear