OTC Action Workshop 2013: Shanghai

Date: 25/11/2013

With the Asian OTC landscape transforming rapidly over the past few years, and with new trends emerging constantly, it is more important than ever to keep informed about latest research and findings. 

Nicholas Hall will lead the seminar with Veronita Rusli, the Regional Director of the Asian Division and Senior Consultant, sharing attendees key learnings and findings. During this event, guest speakers include:

• James Fan, President & CEO of Jowin
• James Huang, Associate Director of BASES Product Innovation of Nielsen
• Mr Sun, GM of BaiYang Pharmacy

This will be a one-day event in Shanghai on the 25 November 2013; Nicholas and Veronita will be joined by guest speakers also to provide delegates with a complete view of the industry.

The Agenda is as follows:

Session 1: Global & Local Trends

Update on the global OTC situation
Increasing significance of OTC adjacencies
Switch update
Decreasing growth in emerging markets – impact on business strategies?
NPD trends: Line extensions and umbrella branding

Session 2: Distribution
In-store Category Management – advantages and key learnings from other countries such as Europe / USA
Access to OTC products, selling models (supermarket, pharmacies, pharmacies only, etc.)
Increasing non-retail distribution trends – internet, direct selling
Practices around the world, the most accepted practices, benefits for the consumers, etc.

Session 3: Pharmacy Point-of-Care
Case studies of in-store pharmacy models from around the world
Promoting behind-the-counter brands
How global benchmarks can be implemented in China
Medical device to complement PPoC?

Session 4: The OTC Marketing Mix
Implementing effective OTx strategies
Successful OTC advertising case studies from the past year
Utilising new media to increase retail sales – pros and cons
Online / digital activities - best practices in the OTC business

Past attendees to our events include:
CEO, Head of OTC/CH, Brand & Marketing Director/Manager, Product Manager, Head of Development, Research & Development, Regional Leader, General Manager

For Bookings and enquiries from Asia, please contact Jasper Teo at

Regular Fee (US$1,400) £870.00 Clear