OTC Action Workshop in Auckland 2013

Date: 23/10/2013

The OTC market environment has been changing rapidly in the past few years, and will surely continue to do so. The emphasis during this Workshop will be on emerging trends in the global and regional OTC market, and how multinational and Asia-Pacific players can learn from international best practice, as well as create their own business models and success strategies.

The workshop is a must for all players in the Asia-Pacific OTC market and will provide guidance on building successful and profitable OTC brands. Join us to learn, discover and discuss with industry peers.

For interested parties in Asia-Pacific, please contact Jasper Teo on


Session 1: Global & Local Trends
• Update on the global OTC situation
• Increasing significance of OTC adjacencies
• Switch update
• Spotlight on New Zealand

Session 2: Distribution
• In-store Category Management – advantages and key learnings from other countries such
as Europe / USA
• Line extensions and umbrella branding
• Access to OTC products, selling models (supermarket, pharmacies, pharmacies only, etc.)
• Practices around the world, the most accepted practices, benefits for the consumers, etc.

Session 3: Pharmacy Point-of-Care
• Case studies of in-store pharmacy models from around the world
• How global benchmarks can be implemented in New Zealand

Session 4: The OTC Marketing Mix
• Effective OTC advertising case studies from the past year
• Online / digital activities - best practices in the OTC business

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