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Heart Health: Exploring the OTC options

Published: 31 May 2017

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

More people die annually from cardiovascular diseases than from any other cause; it is the leading cause of death for both men and women.

Our newest report on Heart Health, scheduled for publication at the end of May, will take an in-depth look into this category, giving insight into the latest trends with detailed market analysis.

Nicholas Hall's OTC YearBook 2017

Published: 30 April 2017

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Same essential YearBook. Same essential price. Our best-selling title OTC YearBook is updated for 2017, providing crucial data & analysis for multinationals, local dynamos, management consultancies and any company with an interest or investment in OTC. This unique reference guide contains comprehensive market data up to December 2016, drawn from our global OTC sales database, DB6.

Healthy Ageing: The Expanding OTC Market for 50+ Consumers

Published: 28 February 2017

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

With the population structure shifting to a new dynamic and the proportion of those aged over 50 steadily increasing, it's essential that OTC marketers cater to the specific health needs associated with older age.

This vital new report explores the existing market for Healthy Ageing OTCs, as well as identifying opportunities for future growth.

OTC Dermatologicals: A Nicholas Hall report on the Global OTC Derma market

Published: 30 November 2016

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Nicholas Hall’s latest report will look at the factors driving performances in all the major derma markets, investigating trends on a global and local level.It contains multi-country coverage and detailed reporting of individual categories and brands. Incorporating mid-year 2016 OTC sales from Nicholas Hall’s Global OTC Database DB6, the report features the latest trends & developments, in-depth brand case studies and vital insight into factors affecting individual markets.

Eye Health - A Nicholas Hall Report on the Global Eye Health Market

Published: 31 August 2016

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

The global market for OTC eye health products generated over $4bn in 2015, rising by around 6%. Comprising products such as eye drops, ointments, washes, decongestants, artificial tears and supplements, the eye health category is booming thanks to innovation, environmental factors, an ageing population and changing lifestyles.

A series of acquisitions since 2011 have shaken up the eye health top tier, so that the market is now dominated by a strong Top 5: Novartis (via Alcon), Allergan (merged with Actavis), Valeant (including Bausch + Lomb), Rohto and J&J. Yet, there are many smaller local and regional players enjoying phenomenal growth by carving out a specialist niche or offering innovative products.

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements - A Nicholas Hall report on the Global OTC VMS market

Published: 01 July 2016

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Discover all there is to know about the Global OTC VMS market with Nicholas Hall’s latest category report, which contains multi-country coverage and detailed reporting of individual categories and brands. Incorporating year-end 2015 OTC sales, the report features the latest trends & developments, in-depth brand case studies, and vital insight into factors affecting individual markets.

M&A: A Nicholas Hall Report on Global OTC Mergers & Acquisitions

Published: 08 April 2016

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Mergers and acquisitions in the consumer healthcare industry are increasing in both quantity and scale at a frantic pace. The value of deals in 2014/15 alone was more than the total sum of the previous 7 years combined. This report is an invaluable resource for any company with an investment in OTC, whether you are looking to understand the acquisition strategies of your competitors, how the market dynamics have changed, or if you are searching for an M&A target of your own.

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Global OTC Analgesics

Published: 06 November 2015

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Analgesics sales have not only shown a strong recovery from the US brand recalls of 2010-13 but 7 of the Top 20 global OTC brands are analgesics. In our category report, our analysts offer a comprehensive overview of the global analgesics market. The report breaks down this integral category to give consumer healthcare executives detailed insight into the uncertainties that are facing brands in today’s market.

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Nicholas Hall's Global OTC Markets: The Definitive Guide to the World's 12 Leading OTC Markets

Published: 07 September 2015

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

This report looks at the 12 largest markets in OTC. While these markets lead the global industry, their performances differ wildly, showing the diverse nature of the consumer healthcare industry. The report is an invaluable go-to resource for anyone who wants to know the ins & outs of the major markets in self-medication.

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Global OTC Cough, Cold & Allergy

Published: 26 June 2015

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

A poor cough and cold season has impeded the advance of Cough, Cold and Allergy in 2014, making it one of the slowest growing major OTC categories. This comprehensive report offers a detailed analysis of the CCA market from both a global and country level, giving OTC marketers a detailed insight into the trends and developments that are impacting both brands and consumers.

Women's Health: Obstacles & Opportunities

Published: 31 March 2015

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Nicholas Hall updates its successful Women’s Health report, taking a new look at this key consumer group. While women are often stereotyped as proactive health-seekers, in truth the OTC women’s health category has significant areas of untapped potential.

Global OTC Gastrointestinals

Published: 27 February 2015

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Nicholas Hall's Reports present the OTC Gastrointestinals category review, offering multi-country coverage of one of the largest branches on the OTC tree, with GIs currently accounting for 12% of the global self-medication market. The report uses mid-2014 sales data from Nicholas Hall's Global OTC Database, DB6 to review the latest trends & developments, as well as providing essential insight into factors affecting individual brands and categories, including antacids, laxatives and antinauseants. Available as a full report, or individual country chapters.


Lifestyle OTCs: Trends, Developments, Opportunities and Strategies

Published: 04 December 2014

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

This report looks at the current market situation, taking in regulatory developments, marketers & brand activity, launches and A+P campaigns, and illuminates where the growth opportunities are for the future. It shows how emerging lifestyle trends impact core OTC categories such as pain, cough & cold, GIs and VMS.


Successful OTC Brands Volume 2: Investigating Strategies for Success

Published: 30 October 2014

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Continuing our Successful OTC Brands series, this second volume follows up with a new set of case studies into the most successful brands from across the OTC industry. The report offers analysis on how A+P support (including social media), product innovation and positioning helped these brands achieve success.


Men's Health: An Untapped OTC Market

Published: 20 July 2014

Author: Nicholas Hall in collaboration with EMHF

This report will investigate the options available to OTC marketers, considering men’s health in context, the current OTC areas of particular relevance to men and how switch can expand the men’s OTC market. It will analyse what can be done to change men’s attitudes to their own health, how the role of the pharmacy can be expanded and which advances in technology offer solutions.


Rx-to-OTC Switch-120
Rx-to-OTC Switch: Lessons from the past, Strategies for the future

Published: 25 April 2014

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports in collaboration with Joseph McGovern, everythingHEALTH

As Switch gathers momentum, with bold steps forward already taken in 2014, Nicholas Hall’s Reports provides a comprehensive overview of Rx-to-OTC Switch, and illustrates why it is the future of the OTC market. Written in collaboration with industry expert Joseph McGovern of everythingHEALTH, who shares his experience on the regulatory process and thoughts on the future of switch, this report is a one-stop resource for all switch areas.


Direct Selling of OTC
Direct Selling of OTC: A short guide to the Direct Sales Channel, Markets & Major Players, with Recommendations for OTC

Published: 31 January 2014

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

This short report runs to 80+ pages, covering the main markets, profiles of key players, marketing trends (consumer engagement initiatives, brand ambassadors, online tools) and strategic recommendations for OTC players. Sales data includes 2012 & 2011 OTC direct sales by country, region & global, plus OTC revenues from leading OTC direct marketers globally and in the main markets.


OTC in the Nordic Markets: A guide to the OTC markets of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Published: 02 October 2013

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

OTC growth in the larger markets of Western Europe has proved disappointing in recent years, with an overall sales drop in 2012. Specifically, the Big 5 are struggling: sales in France continue their decline, dropping by 6% in 2012, while the once vibrant Spain also experienced a downturn in fortunes, with sales down 2%. With such lacklustre performances, OTC marketers may need to expand their presence in the region, looking to smaller but more dynamic markets.