Children's OTCs: A Hot Topic Report on Innovations, Developments & Strategies

Published 01/09/2011

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

With parents keeping on top of the latest trends in healthcare recommendations for their children, and the recent impact of safety concerns and restrictions, it is essential that OTC marketers plot a successful strategy in this somewhat conservative market.

This report is an essential guide for any marketers active in this field, exploring the importance of earning trust amidst concerns over the correct dosage for children, recent product withdrawals and other issues, as well as capitalising on the popularity of social media to ensure you are one step ahead of your competitors.

• Calpol • Clearasil • Triaminic • Pediacare • Little Remedies

With case studies to include the above brands, this Hot Topic report will focus on innovation, developments and winning strategies across the children’s OTC market, examining the brands and marketing campaigns that have achieved success and exploring the lessons that can be learned. The key focus will be investigating the best practices to reach out to parents and to children, forging bonds of loyalty and trust, giving you the insight you need to engage with the consumer and grow in this challenging market.


This is to reflect the fact that the data contained within this report is year-end 2010 data from DB6 2011.

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