Consumer Trends in Health 2013-2020: Delivering Sustainable OTC Growth via Global Consumer Insight

Published 01/02/2013

Author: Chris Middleton

Chris Middleton, Managing Director of Futures Coaching and author of 2009’s Consumer Trends in Health, comes back to this vital topic three years on to present his insights and expertise on what has changed in the interim. In collaboration with Nicholas Hall, Chris provides OTC marketers with what they need to know right now about current and future trends & opportunities in the consumer health sphere.

As well as updating readers on the way in which consumers’ thinking, motivations and needs have changed since the previous report, Chris introduces a host of fresh ideas, including 5 active social trends for 2013 & beyond, 5 New Frontiers for Health, a deep-dive into health trends in Asia, and 4 key consumer postures for the recession.

The report is split into two main parts:

  • Insight – including Chris' thinking on social trends, the consumers view of healthcare, intercultural differences between nations, and consumption trends
  • Growth Opportunities – detailing future scenarios, with opportunities and challenger strategies for each. The report features up-to-date examples, case studies, and analysis of how key trends have played out over the last five years and anticipated impacts for OTC in 2013-20.

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