Consumer Insights on Self-Medication in Key ASEAN Countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

Published 13/01/2014

Author: Nielsen and Nicholas Hall & Company

Nicholas Hall & Company is pleased to collaborate with Nielsen combining their skills to provide a better understanding of consumer Usage & Attitudes in key ASEAN OTC Markets.

• To gain a deeper understanding of consumers views on OTC and VMS products in terms of usage, attitudes, preferences, purchase behaviour
• To get unique insights into key emerging trends such as herbal OTCs, lifestyle OTCs, women’s care, changes in distribution (online, direct sales, etc.)
• To identify growth opportunities for OTC and VMS companies to expand their brands and products into the markets.

Study Highlights:
• A one-of-a-kind study blending insights on core Usage & Attitude (U&A) trends as well as emerging dynamics in the OTC industry
• Distinct reports on self-medication (OTC) and self-care / wellness (VMS)
• Offering analysis and insights into fast-growing ASEAN markets, as well as comparative benchmarking across countries
• Study aims to assist companies in crafting country-specific and cross-ASEAN strategies by identifying distinct opportunities and synergies

Key Information Areas

Usage & Attitudes:

• Usage of OTC categories for top types of ailments among different consumer groups–methods of treatment, preferences for type of medicines etc.
• Purchase attitudes factors influencing OTC usage, reasons for use, drivers, barriers, etc.
• Consumer's sources of information, effective advertising strategy / communications
• Expenditure and impact on purchases
• Distribution channels used by consumers

Emerging Dynamics
• Given the growing trend for ‘back to nature’ products, this study aims to offer insights into consumers’ usage and attitude (U&A) trends and purchase behaviours of herbal-based products
• The emerging trend of lifestyle OTCs - eye care, obesity, smoking cessation, sleep aids, etc. is opening a promising opportunity. The study aims to study consumer’s awareness and use of lifestyle OTCs
• Distribution dynamics are becoming increasingly important as strategic differentiators in a crowded marketplace and the study aims to provide insights into the emerging trends in distribution channels (traditional, online, direct sales, etc.)
• With rising income and education, are ASEAN women increasingly spending on women-specific products? Find out as this study aims to understand core U&A and purchase behaviour of this dynamic category

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