Direct Selling of OTC: A short guide to the Direct Sales Channel, Markets & Major Players, with Recommendations for OTC

Published 31/01/2014

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

(79 pages)

The Direct Selling channel is distinguished by offering face-to-face interaction with consumers – an attractive alternative to traditional promotional tools and online interaction. Direct Selling is huge in many markets around the world, and is one of the fastest-growing channels in several. The product offering ranges from cosmetics & personal care to household goods, clothing, toys and books, but OTC accounts for a sizeable proportion of sales – over 20% share of a global market valued in excess of US$100bn.

Set alongside global OTC sales via retail channels (around US$120bn), OTC sales from direct selling (at over US$20bn) take a sizeable slice of the pie – roughly 15% of the combined total. With a global growth rate of over 7% in 2012 (higher in several emerging markets), clearly direct selling of OTCs is an area that demands attention. (
NB: all sales figures quoted are in US$ at MSP)

This short report runs to 80+ pages, covering the main markets, profiles of key players, marketing trends (consumer engagement initiatives, brand ambassadors, online tools) and strategic recommendations for OTC players. Sales data includes 2012 & 2011 OTC direct sales by country, region & globally, plus OTC revenues from leading OTC direct marketers globally and in the main markets.

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