Discover the Hidden OTC Gems of the Indian Pharma Market

Published 10/01/2012

Author: CubeX

The adage “Old is Gold” has been proven time and again by successful consumer brands like Dettol, ENO, Dabur Chyawanprash among consumers with new and advanced formats. But what do prescription brands do when they begin to lose saliency among doctors?

In recent times brands like Revital, Volini, Otrivin to name a few have charted their own success story in such situations to unlock their potential. These brands are leveraging their popularity among consumers and retailers while their hold on doctors with well-devised strategies and are growing at a robust double digit rate (on an average 20-30%). They are progressing to be the blockbusters of the OTC market.

It’s a known fact that launching new brands is a challenge and one would need deep pockets to build brands from concept stage. On the other hand, there are many heritage brands which are key growth drivers for their companies despite negligible backing. These “Hidden Gems” are on the cusp with their immense potential yet to be “discovered”. Deemed OTC brands constitute close to 60% of the sales of the Indian OTC market and it is becoming increasingly important to evaluate their latent potential to make it big by promoting through the OTC route.

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