Global OTC Cough, Cold & Allergy Review 2012: Challenges and opportunities in a dynamic market

Published 10/10/2012

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

With an average yearly growth of 6% between 2007 and 2011, CCA remedies form the most dynamic and the second largest OTC category behind VMS. This growth was all the more remarkable given the massive sales declines suffered by J&J brands in the wake of the much-publicised product recalls of 2010-11. The category received a number of major boosts in recent years, especially the increase in sales brought about by the H1N1 flu virus scare and the blockbuster switches of allergy remedies Zyrtec and Allegra in the US. Homeopathics are a promising growth area in several markets, notably France and Germany.

This is a fiercely competitive market that faces a number of serious difficulties. One of the main challenges is the review into the safety of children’s cough & cold remedies, which has prompted voluntary recalls or forced withdrawals / reclassifications in key markets. Other safety issues impacted the cough remedies category, notably the reverse-switch of pholcodine in France and the restricted availability of codeine in India. In many countries, systemic cold & flu remedies face strong competition from a vast array of immunity-boosting VMS products claiming to reduce and even prevent cold symptoms.

This comprehensive report scrutinises the CCA market from a global level down to individual countries, strategically analysing the trends and developments affecting brands, consumers and marketers. Country profiles contain a detailed overview, key OTC growth drivers, regulatory issues, switches, A+P and prospects for the future. Charts cover 2007-11 OTC sales, growth rate analysis, leading marketers, top brands (overall and within each category) and sales forecasts.

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