Global Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements Review 2011: In-depth strategic analysis of the largest major OTC category

Published 01/06/2011

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

By far the largest major OTC category, VMS saw sales grow 3.9% in 2010; take out Japan, with it’s huge but declining market for bottled nutritive drinks, and VMS grew by 4.9% globally in 2010. VMS brands have generally confounded expectations that, as discretionary purchases, they would be the first to be dropped from the household shopping list, and instead growth has been achieved by recession-hit customers, who turned to supplements to stave off illness and stay in work.

This report examines pockets of strong growth within the VMS market, exploring the core strategies of leading OTC marketers and investigating how top brands stayed on top and charts routes to further growth.

• Multivitamins • Single vitamins • Mineral supplements • Herbal & natural supplements 

• Herbal & natural joint health • Tonics & cure alls • OTC tonic drinks • Chyawanprash

Covering all of the above categories in some, or all, leading markets, this report is an essential guide to VMS.


This is to reflect the fact that the data contained within this report is year-end 2010 data from DB6 2011.

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