Heart Health: Exploring the OTC options

Published 06/06/2017

Author: Nicholas Hall's Reports

(186 pages)

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More people die annually from cardiovascular diseases than from any other cause; it is the leading cause of death for both men and women.

Our newest report on Heart Health takes an in-depth look into this category, giving insight into the latest trends with detailed market analysis.

Key benefits of this report include:

• An in-depth exploration of OTC heart health options, including systemic cardiovasculars, fish oils & omega-3 supplements, CoQ10, garlic and other supplements

• Gauging the size of the market in individual countries, plus brand performances, new developments, launches and A+P campaigns

• Coverage of all the major markets (and some smaller ones), including Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, S Korea, UK, USA, and more

• Full year 2016 OTC sales direct from the freshly-published DB6, our dedicated OTC sales database

What this report covers:

Systemic cardiovasculars • Fish oils & omega-3 • CoQ10 supplements • Garlic supplements 

Plus health-focused brands from: Multivitamins • Single vitamins • Mineral supplements • Probiotics

• Case studies of key heart health brands highlight success factors, sales and A+P activity

• Investigating the gender divide: how most heart health products tend to target men, largely missing the important underdeveloped segment for women’s heart health

• Forecast sales for all heart health categories, and a look forward to potential opportunities, including switches, new ingredients and clinical studies

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