Leveraging the OTC Potential of India's 350 Million "Kidsumers"

Published 27/09/2013

Author: CubeX

The Indian OTC market has so far focused on adult’s needs with hardly any brands positioned specifically for children. Moreover, the focus has been on illness needs in children with wellness needs largely addressed by FMCG companies. The impact of lifestyle changes is beginning to have far-reaching effects, beyond obesity in children too, which are typically observed in adults. The needs in children have thus expanded from illness to wellness significantly.

Based on the emerging need gaps in children’s healthcare, CubeX is ready to launch yet another hot topic report, Leveraging the OTC Potential of India’s 350 Million “Kidsumers”, highlighting the untapped opportunity areas, as a part of the series on demographic segments.

An overview of the report is below:

Section 1: The Potential of Children’s OTC Market in India
The potential consumer base of children in India and key trends that are making it imperative to
explore consumer healthcare marketing have been showcased.

Section 2: Approach to Health in Children among Caregivers’ and Healthcare Providers
Insights into caregivers’ approach to their child’s health in terms of illness and wellness have been
provided based on primary and secondary data understanding. In addition, caregivers’ attitude
towards allopathic supplements, malted food drinks, functional foods as well as natural remedies and supplements; the perceived health benefits and key influencers that drive consumption have been considered.

Section 3: Health Concerns in Children
The gamut of health concerns observed in adults is also observed in children, although with varying intensity. The illness and wellness concerns have been broadly identified and detailed, as given below:

• Cough, Cold & Allergy (sore throat, cough, cold, allergy and congestion)
• Dermatological (cuts and wounds, skin allergies, infections, head lice infection)
• Aches and Pain (injury-related, muscular pain, toothache, body pain associated with illness)
• Gastrointestinal (diarrhea, constipation, acidity, nausea and vomiting)

• General Health (immunity, energy and stamina)
• Preventive Health (anemia, gut health)
• Mental Health (memory and cognition)
• Lifestyle Concerns (overweight / underweight, oral care, eye care, ear care)

Section 4: Market Dynamics related to Children’s OTC Market in India
Based on the health concerns in children, the Indian OTC market has been mapped in order to understand the current size of children’s OTC market in terms of illness and wellness segments, using Nicholas Hall’s DB6 Global OTC Database. The children’s OTC market has been further analysed to understand the current market scenario across 30 opportunity areas and thereby, identify the unmet needs in children. Profiles of key Indian OTC brands with focus on children’s health have been covered. Global brands which are marketed to children have also been included to showcase the offerings and marketing trends.

Section 5: Trends in Consumer Healthcare Marketing to Children
Advertising and promotional activities of brands in India have been highlighted along with key global trends.

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