M&A in OTC: Acquisition Targets and Success Strategies

Published 29/07/2013

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

With organic growth continuing to elude most MNCs, for many players M&A has been the only source of growth in recent years. Acquisition is vital to most global players for both tactical and strategic reasons, and many local companies are also highly acquisitive. Increasingly OTC marketers are looking beyond their core markets to emerging markets for deals, as they attempt to tap into high-growth arenas. Nevertheless, many companies remain cautious about M&A, some nervous about how their deals will be received by shareholders.

This essential report examines the key trends in M&A and provides sharp analysis of all the important deals – at a global, regional and local level – since 2010. The acquisition strategies of the leading global marketers are analysed, including development milestones and a look to the future. The report identifies 100 leading M&A targets, each with its own profile, featuring OTC sales 2008-12, top brands and key strengths, along with Nicholas Hall’s expert appraisal.

  • OTC Market & Trends: A look at the OTC market as a whole, highlighting key trends and analysing the important growth factors region by region.
  • M&A Trends: Key learnings from past M&A, including the impact of Big Pharma on OTC, M&A as a means of compensating for low organic growth, rationalisation through M&A and growing MNC interest in the emerging markets.
  • M&A Review of 2010-2013: Detailed analysis of the key deals year by year – on a global, regional and local level – between 2010-13, with a multiples table to help compare amounts paid in selected deals.
  • M&A Strategy of the Global OTC Top 20: Profiles of leading OTC marketers including J&J, Novartis, Bayer, GSK and Sanofi, featuring the latest sales data from DB6 2013 (top brands, regional & category breakdown), acquisition strategy, development milestones and a look to the future.
  • Leading M&A Targets: 100 acquisition / j-v targets from around the world profiled, featuring OTC sales 2008-12, leading brands and analysis of notable assets and key benefits.
  • Future Prospects for the OTC Industry and M&A: Analysis of the outlook for the OTC industry and the future of M&A.
  • Appendix: M&A Register 2003-2013: Listing all the deals with an OTC impact, back to 200.

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