Nicholas Hall's Global Analgesics Review 2010

Published 12/01/2010

Author: Nicholas Hall's Reports

The odds are against analgesics: safety concerns over key ingredients, the recessionary environment and strong generic competition all stand in the way of growth. Despite this, the mature analgesics market soared to new heights in 2009-10, with all leading brands registering a positive CAGR since 2005.

Focusing on core trends and exciting developments in the world’s leading Analgesics markets, and examining how the analgesics market achieved strong growth against the odds, this report is essential reading for anyone working in OTC, not just analgesics. Nicholas Hall’s Global Analgesics Review provides all the essential information and analysis to aid your decision-making and strategic planning to achieve success in this core growth category.


This is to reflect the fact that the data contained within this report is year-end 2009 and mid-year 2010 data from DB6 2010.

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