Nicholas Hall's OTC YearBook 2013

Published 30/04/2013

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

As OTC marketers around the globe plan their strategies for the year ahead, a key success factor is rapid access to the most accurate and up-to-date intelligence.

This unique reference book contains comprehensive market data through December 2012 drawn from our global OTC sales database, DB6 2013.

Presented in a concise, easy-to-use format, OTC YearBook 2013 brings you the facts and figures you need, together with unique insight into the major issues facing the global OTC environment. 

OTC YearBook 2013 covers:

  • OTC Global Review: highlighting major developments and global trends in 2012, and forecasting the OTC outlook for the future
  • Leading OTC Markets: Coverage of the top 15 markets including topline data by category, leading marketers and brands – plus a country-by-country review of regulations, switch environment, advertising and distribution
  • OTC Category Review: Key developments in individual subcategories, together with category values and growth
  • Rx-to-OTC Switch: Overview of the switch environment in key regions – plus profiles of 15 important Rx-to-OTC switches
  • Hot Topics: Nicholas and the team analyse the OTC "hot topics" such as the use of social media, Pharmacy Point-of-Care and other growth opportunities
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: All the major M&A activity, joint-ventures and alliances since 2008 – plus coverage of multiples paid for acquisitions in the OTC industry 2008-2013.
  • Leading OTC Companies:  All the vital facts and figures for the top 20 OTC players across the world. Leading 250 OTC marketers by sales with CAGR
  • Leading OTC Brands: The leading OTC 250 OTC brands by sales – plus, bullet-point profiles of the top 25 brands
  • Global Retailing: Comprehensive overview of the fast-changing global retailing environment, including the expanding mass market, falling prices and margins, and exponential growth of private labels – plus major retailer profiles
  • New Technology: Overview of latest activity in technology, delivery formats and NPD
  • Essential Reference Tables: Information on the legal status of ingredients, company ownership, brands & marketers and OTC manufacturers' association – plus an OTC glossary
  • OTC Regional Review: 8 major regions come under the spotlight, with the focus on key markets, trends and developments
For additional questions regarding this report, please contact Valerie Tsang at Place your order today and receive a 25% discount. Alternatively, for an updated edition, please refer to 'OTC YEARBOOK 2014' which will publish in April 2014. 

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