OTC in the Nordic Markets: A guide to the OTC markets of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Published 02/10/2013

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

(156 pages)

Outstripping the Big 5 markets of Western Europe in terms of growth, the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden represent an attractive opportunity. All posted year-on-year positive growth since 2008, with particular areas of dynamism (CAGR 2008-12) including:

  • Topical decongestants in Sweden (+13%)
  • Allergy remedies in Finland (+11%)
  • Smoking control in Norway (+9%)
  • Systemic cardiovasculars in Denmark (+14%)

Nicholas Hall's report OTC in the Nordic Markets: A guide to the OTC markets of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden provides a comprehensive overview of the region on a country-by-country basis. In addition to in-depth analysis of the OTC market, the report:

  • investigates the changing retail landscape
  • profiles the big name marketers active in the region (as well as dynamic local players, including Meda and Orion)
  • highlights M&A opportunities

Each profile features:

- Regional context
- Key OTC market facts
- Regulatory environment
- Distribution overview
- Leading marketer profiles
- OTC category analysis:
• Analgesics • CCA • Derma • GIs • VMS • Lifestyle OTCs

Every profile is backed by the latest data from DB6.

Please click here to download the full table of contents and sample pages.

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