Pharmacy Point-of-Care: Unlocking a Key Part of the OTC New Paradigm

Published 01/10/2012

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

The branded OTC industry cannot defend itself from generic competition by matching its prices, but by adding value in the form of advice at Point-of-Care” – Nicholas Hall, September 2012

Pharmacy Point-of-Care is an important development in the healthcare market, and has been frequently heralded as the future of pharmacy. It enables pharmacies to leverage their greatest asset – advice – to provide value to the consumer and compete against a mass market that will always be able to offer products at a cheaper price. Pharmacists are moving away from a role restricted to dispensing medicine. Pharmacies are becoming drop-in health advice centres, where consumers are given access to a range of diagnostic tests and sold a regime of health maintenance products.

Governments, pharmacists and marketers are all embracing PPoC. Governments see it as an avenue to curtail rising state healthcare costs. Pharmacists want it to protect themselves from the mass market. OTC marketers need it to succeed with ambitious Rx-to-OTC switches and forge relationships with pharmacists and consumers which will protect their branded products. Ahead of the curve are the UK and Australia, where PPoC is steaming ahead with the support of all parties. In a somewhat different format, the US is also a strong example of innovation at Point-of-Care,
via in-store clinics and automated kiosks.

Through close analysis of successful practices (and some failures) this Hot Topic report will provide an in-depth overview of key developments in PPoC, and provide marketers with the tools to succeed – and the first marketer with a fully-operational PPoC model will WIN BIG.

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