Rx-to-OTC Switch: Lessons from the past, Strategies for the future

Published 25/04/2014

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports in collaboration with Joseph McGovern, everythingHEALTH

(218 pages)

When looking at making a switch from Rx-to-OTC, the process can be a complex one. Requiring dedicated input from many facets of a team, including marketing, regulatory and medical (as well as others). But for a consumer healthcare marketer, a successful switch can mean the chance to launch a new consumer brand, enable new access to treatments or give a great Rx brand a second life.

This collaborative report takes an in-depth look at the global switch environment, assessing the opportunities and the barriers to success. With the expert knowledge of Joseph McGovern, we investigate the essential factors behind successful switches; including environmental management, the role of stakeholders and the importance of viewing switch in context of the larger healthcare picture. Furthermore, the report offers country breakdowns of the key OTC markets providing insight into the local attitude to switch, recent switches and regulatory changes, to give you a complete overview no matter where you are looking to make the switch.


: Joseph McGovern shares his thoughts on the future of switch

INTRODUCTION SWITCH ENVIRONMENT: A consideration of the drivers of switch, type of switches and barriers to success, including lessons to be learned from some recent switch disappointments

SWITCH ESSENTIALS: Looking at the factors to consider when choosing a product to switch, and how to ensure success once launched, from setting up a team and gaining advocates to consumer behaviour studies and creating a brand

REGIONAL OVERVIEW: Country-by-country overviews of the key switch markets of North America, Western Europe, C&E Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, highlighting attitudes to switch, regulatory differences and recent switches

• Abreva • Advil • Alesion • Aleve • Alguard • Allegra • Alli • Benadryl • Claritin
• Formigan & Imigran Recovery • Imodium • Lamisil • Loxonin S • MiraLax
• Mucinex • Nasacort • NicoDerm CQ • Nicorette • Oxytrol • Pepcid AC
• Plan B • Prevacid • Prilosec OTC • RiUP • Vantelin • Volini • Voltaren
• Xenical • Zaditen • Zegerid • Zovirax • Zyrtec

THE FUTURE OF SWITCH: Examination of future switch potential, considering key leading OTC marketers and evaluating potential on a category-by-category basis, plus individual profiles of possible future launches C


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