Self-Medication & VMS in China Syndicated Study

Published 01/01/2012

Author: Nicholas Hall & Company and Nielsen

Everyone wants to be present in China, or bigger in China. However, without a clear understanding of consumer usage and attitudes, needs and expectations, no OTC player can expect to succeed fully. That is why two of the leading marketing services companies in China and globally have pulled their expertise together to create a unique Syndicated Consumer Research Study.

Nielsen Healthcare China is a specialist research service focusing on healthcare-related issues, with experience in over 20 OTC/VMS categories. Nicholas Hall & Company has 34 years experience in benchmarking the world of OTC. Together we will provide you with an in-depth study of Self-Medication and Vitamins, Mineral & Supplements (VMS) in China. This is, for the very first time, a comprehensive view of China’s OTC market by tier 1-4 cities and by region.

This study consists of 2 parts:

  • Part I: Self-medication and VMS landscaping study
  • Part II: Deeper dive into VMS categories Part 1 is available now. It probes incidence and treatment of a wide range of mild-to-moderate ailments, enabling a valid comparison and analysis across self-medication and VMS markets.

Part 2 will focus on Usage & Attitude in the competitive VMS landscape of China, with the opportunity for subscribers to add customised questions tailored to their company or brands. This vitally important study will provide you with an invaluable guide to shape your new product development, marketing, communications and distribution strategies.

To find out more, please contact Verity Zhang Wenyi:

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+ Part 1: OTC Report Only (priced at US$11,000 / RMB71,500) £7,095.00 Clear
+ Part 1: VMS Report Only (priced at US$5,000 / RMB32,500) £3,225.00 Clear
+ Part 1: OTC & VMS Reports with combination 10% discount (priced at US$14,400 / RMB93,600) £9,290.00 Clear
+ Part 2: Deeper dive into VMS categories (priced at US$35,000 / RMB220,000) £22,200.00 Clear