Sexual Health & Fertility: OTC Trends & Opportunities

Published 18/04/2013

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Sexual health and fertility is a vibrant area of the healthcare field, awash with possibilities for growth and expansion within the OTC sphere. It covers a number of OTC areas, from VMS to home diagnostics, and has benefited from rapid expansion and exploitation of new niches.

The established categories of hormonal contraception and erectile dysfunction present some of the most promising switch candidates, and slowly increasing acceptance worldwide for such practices is seeing regulatory controls loosen and availability increase. Fertility is a blockbuster area, as couples try to conceive at later ages; tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated enabling (in some cases) permanent tracking capabilities to ensure that women are aware of their peak fertility times. VMS companies have also entered the field, launching products aimed at male and female fertility. Home diagnostic tests for sexually-transmitted diseases are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and gaining wider approval. Female intimate hygiene is an established category in many markets, with strong potential for growth, and the beginnings of a complementary male equivalent are just beginning to show.

Sexual health & fertility will benefit from the evolution of the retail environment and the use of new technology. Pharmacies are embracing their role as sexual health advice centres, and online diagnosis presents a method of avoiding the embarrassment factor that can hold back many of the categories. The
Sexual Health & Fertility report shows the best and brightest in this dynamic field, and identifies the OTC potential and switch candidates within each category.

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