VMS Across the Globe: In-depth view of the World's OTC VMS Markets

Published 07/11/2013

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

With over 500 pages, ‘VMS across the Globe’ profiles the leading 18 VMS markets in great detail and includes company profiles, brand case studies, a regulations overview and the impact of scientific studies on VMS sales.

VMS is the largest major OTC category by a significant margin (with 30% of global sales), but posted comparatively low growth in the year to mid-2013. Sales growth of +3.7% was solid, but marked a slowdown on previous years (CAGR+4.9% 2008-12). Several categories proved dynamic (including probiotics, hair & beauty supplements and certain single vitamins and herbal & natural supplements), but others disappointed (including OTC tonic drinks, herbal memory & brain health and herbal menopause supplements). 


Global VMS Overview: including consumer trends and a region by region breakdown.
Leading VMS Market: Featuring key trends, individual category analysis, regulatory developments, success factors behind leading segments and brands, and forecasts for the future.
VMS Specialists: Profiling some of the leading companies specialising in VMS globally, including sales breakdown, marketing strategies and NPD.
Brand Case Studies: Looking at some of the most impressive VMS brands of recent years and the factor behind their success (including profiles of Culturelle, D-Cal, Elevit, MegaRed and Theraflex, among others)
VMS Regulation: Detailing the most significant regulatory changes in key markets, as industry bodies worldwide respond to the growth demand for supplements
Impact of Scientific Studies on VMS Sales: Highlighting how scientific studies affect consumer perceptions of key supplements and the impact this has on sales
Prospects for VMS: predicting the future prospects for the global VMS industry and opportunities & threats in individual markets, including sales forecasts to 2017 and 2022

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