Asia Market Guides: OTC Markets in Asia under the Spotlight

Published 06/06/2013

Author: Nicholas Hall Reports

Asia is the largest contributor to OTC sales globally, accounting for one-third of total OTC market sales. The region features some of the fastest-growing markets in the world, including China, India and Vietnam, and is forecast to grow at an average 6% a year over the next 10 years (closer to 8% if Japan is discounted).

Yet MNCs remain underinvested in many of these markets, in some instances (China, Indonesia, South Korea) barely taking 10-15% of OTC sales, leaving the lion’s share of the market to local and regional players. Lack of understanding of these markets – their regulations, retail environments, infrastructure and cultures – is a major factor in this under-involvement.

There are undoubtedly barriers to overcome for foreign players looking to gain a foothold, but Asian markets represent some of the best opportunities for savvy OTC marketers in the coming decade. Several markets are deregulating, as governments look to OTC to ease the healthcare burden, widening access to self-medication. Others are opening up to foreign direct investment, making it easier for marketers to find a way in. Several countries have bullish economies and consumers with rising disposable incomes. Growth of smartphone penetration and use of social media in Asia is among the fastest in the world.

Countries covered in this report are:
China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, 
South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam

What is needed is a guide to the opportunities and pitfalls. Asia Market Guides: OTC Markets in Asia under the Spotlight is an invaluable go-to resource for anyone who wants to know the ins & outs of the key Asian OTC markets, from regulatory developments to OTC category insights, from consumer preferences to leading brand performances.

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