Issued: 07 May 2013

China and India have been under the spotlight over the past few years, with economies growing at a rapid rate. ‘Asia Market Guides’ is the latest publication from the OTC specialists, Nicholas Hall & Company, which concentrates on opportunities and threats in 10 Asian countries. The focus on these OTC markets comes as companies look to the East for expansion, as Asia continues to be the largest contributor to OTC sales globally, accounting for one third of total OTC market sales, according to DB6.

Asia-Pacific OTC sales saw a mixed performance with declines in Japan and S Korea, offset by strong growth in China (7.4%) and India (12.7%). Nicholas Hall, Chairman of Nicholas Hall & Company, presented during the Nicholas Hall’s INSIGHT Annual OTC Conference in April 2013, highlighting:

We have good growth in the Emerging Markets, led by Russia with nearly 20% growth, followed by Brazil (14.1%)…in the Asian OTC market, India, China and Indonesia illustrated highest percentage sales increase between 2011 and 2012.”

Undoubtedly, there are barriers to overcome for foreign players but this market also presents the best opportunities, which are detailed in ‘Asia Market Guides’. This invaluable resource is for anyone who wants to know the ins & outs of key areas in OTC, from regulatory developments and consumer preferences to OTC category insights and brand performances.

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