Issued: 21 March 2013

Nicholas Hall & Company is proud to announce that the essential OTC guide – ‘OTC YearBook 2013’ – will publish in April. Nicholas Hall first launched the ‘OTC YearBook’ title in the early ‘90s and its popularity and readership has grown every year since. This successful guide is referred to by an ever-increasing number of companies, large and small, to help plan their strategies for the year ahead.

Presented as a concise desktop reference book, ‘OTC YearBook 2013’ brings essential information and unique insight into the major issues facing the global consumer healthcare environment. The easy-to-use format enables readers to gain quick access to the most accurate and up-to-date intelligence – critical for quick decision-making. ‘OTC YearBook 2013’ contains comprehensive market data through December 2012 drawn from the company’s unique Global OTC Sales Database, DB6.

‘OTC YearBook 2013’ spans the entire OTC market, covering all categories from Analgesics and GIs to CCA and VMS. It looks in detail at the Top 15 markets globally, including topline data by category, leading marketers and brands. It offers vital facts & figures for the Top 20 OTC players, including Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis and PGT Healthcare, and profiles the Top 25 OTC brands across the world. What’s more, the report highlights major developments and global trends in 2012, and provides an outlook for the future.

Acquisition is vital to most global players for both tactical and strategic reasons, and many local companies are also highly acquisitive. ‘OTC YearBook 2013’ provides all the major M&A activity, joint-ventures and alliances since 2008, plus coverage of multiples paid for acquisitions in the OTC industry 2008-2013.

Designed to cover all aspects of the OTC industry, the 300-page industry guide also provides chapters on Rx-to-OTC Switch, Retailing, Hot Topics and New Technology.

With extensive knowledge and experience in benchmarking the world of OTC, Nicholas Hall is pleased to announce the 2013 edition of OTC YearBook will soon be available, delivering a focused set of data and analysis to help MNCs plan for future growth.

For more information about the report, please visit the Nicholas Hall website or contact a member of the Nicholas Hall team.