Issued: 03 April 2013
Figures from Nicholas Hall's global OTC database DB6 show that global OTC sales were 4.1% higher at US$121.8bn in 2012. The market was held back by poor performance in Western Europe (-0.3%), where austerity measures were responsible for declines in France and Spain (-2.3%). The US advanced by just 1.7%, owing to a dearth of switches and a shift towards cheaper private labels. Asia-Pacific saw a mixed performance with declines in Japan and S Korea (-1.6%), offset by strong growth in China and India. Latin America (+13.1%) and Central & Eastern Europe (+12.0%) both exhibited double-digit growth with Brazil and Russia the key drivers. The latter moved into fourth place in the global OTC rankings ahead of Germany and Brazil.

2012 growth in Top 10 Markets
US   US$27.6bn   (+1.7%)
China   US$18.0bn   (+7.4%)
Japan   US$9.3bn   (?1.4%)
Russia   US$5.2bn   (+19.8%)
Germany   US$5.1bn   (+0.8%)
Brazil   US$5.1bn   (+14.1%)
France   US$4.7bn   (+5.7%)
Italy   US$3.3bn   (+0.9%)
UK   US$2.9bn   (+3.1%)
Canada   US$2.7bn   (+1.0%)