Issued: 24 July 2013
Nicholas Hall, OTC marketing and business solution providers, are publishing two reports this month.

Successful OTC Brands' covers 12 OTC brands including Advil, Buscopan, Mucinex and Voltaren. These brands have grown despite difficult economic conditions, globally which makes them perfect examples for readers to learn from. The report provides details about their advertising and promotions [A+P] strategies, supported by sales data from the company's global sales database, DB6.The case studies also examines the key markets in which the brands have succeeded, an overview of innovations & NPD as well as insight from the Nicholas Hall team.

In addition, available soon will be Nicholas Hall's much-awaited report on mergers and acquisitions '
M&A in OTC' which publishes at the end of July 2013. This highly topical subject has been a strategy that many companies have taken to increase market share; which makes this report so essential for OTC marketers.

M&A in OTC' looks at 100 leading M&A targets, each with its own profiles, also featuring DB6 sales data 2008-12.

About Nicholas Hall & Company
Since 1978 Nicholas Hall & Company has offered comprehensive OTC marketing and business solutions. Specialising in OTC, our consultants and market analysts have many years of experience while our international network of contacts means we can offer strategic advice, data & analysis and competitive intelligence on a global scale.Our reports draw on the in-house expertise of our specialist analysts and researchers, on the-ground knowledge from our Network Partners, and Nicholas Hall's unique insights, plus the latest sales data from our DB6 global OTC database. Each title provides in-depth analysis, identifies major trends and developments, highlights consumer preferences and forecasts future trends.

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