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Chairman & CEOs message:

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will find it informative, easy to navigate and a source of new ideas and business solutions.

The company began in 1978, and to this day I’m proud to say we remain a fully-independent private company. Looking back over the four decades from when I first started in the OTC business until today, it's a source of great personal pride to have worked with so many professionals from MNCs and local companies in over 60 countries, and to help them achieve their goals. Many have become close personal friends.

As our clients have grown, we have too. We have invested in building the company globally through our UK and Singapore offices, and with employees based in Europe and US. Our Network Partners give us added presence in the Emerging Markets and strengthen our capability to offer our clients beginning-to-end solutions from strategic planning to launching into new markets. Our aim is to be the "go-to" partner for all business development initiatives related to consumer healthcare.

I have a weekly column every Friday in OTC.Newsflash. I write every word myself and I'm pleased to say I've missed only two issues in over ten years since launch. Regular readers of my column know that I’m passionate about the success of our industry, but that I am a strong advocate for change. The future is the "New Paradigm" covering many elements from Pharmacy Point of-Care to Mobile Health. That said, Rx-to-OTC switch is still a key growth driver. Indeed, I feel we are entering a new golden age of Switch and look forward to working with the next generation of Switch pioneers.

When clients call upon us for advice, we’re delighted to be their strategic partner of choice. As we continue to grow and evolve, we will ensure that we maintain flexibility and quality of service, with the personal touch that only a small / medium company can provide. Our consultants and market analysts have many years of experience, so our clients are in safe hands as we work with them to map growth opportunities, forecast future trends and turn this knowledge into revenues. As I've said many times, the first company to get the "New Paradigm" model right will win big.

I hope that you have enjoyed visiting our website, and please get in touch with myself or my team members if we can help in any way. Or come and meet us in person at the many conferences and seminars we hold in Europe, Asia and the Americas every year.

Nicholas Hall
Chairman & CEO
Nicholas Hall Group of Companies